General Information for the Red Sox mailing list
Last updated 1/9/99 by Keith Woolner
(Most recent changes: Instructions for new list server)
Welcome to the Bosox mailing list (BOSOX@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM) --
where you can share your thoughts on the Boston Red Sox with over 600
fans worldwide!  The list was founded circa 1991 by Edward Fischer (aka
Valentine), and later administered by Frank Solensky.  The currently
list owner is Keith Woolner.
If this message does not contain the info you are looking for, you can
contact the list owner directly by sending email to 
"" or to "".  Please
do check to see if your answer is contained within, however, as most
commonly asked questions are addressed in this document.
The mailing list is pretty active, averaging about 40 messages per day
during the season, sometimes much more when a hot topic is getting
discussed (the off-season volume is far less, for obvious reasons).
This can be pretty overwhelming for some; others -- especially those
using some of the prominent on-line services -- have to pay for each
message delivered to them from the Internet and are interested in
keeping their costs down when possible.  For these reasons, the list has
a "digest" option.  If you'd prefer, all of the messages sent to the
mailing list on a given day (give-or-take) will be sent to you as a
single mail message.
If there is downtime, performance degradation, or other known problems
with the list server, there will be information posted at the following
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Please check this page before reporting a problem.  
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Troubleshooting subscriptions:
You can run into a minor problem if you are unlucky:
LISTSERV insists on having a "real world" name for everyone on the list,
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   subscribe bosox Keith Woolner
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  set bosox nodigest
Recent articles from the Red Sox list are archived at:
To send a message to the *entire* list, send your email to
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Since it will be going out to so many people, please do *not* use
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If you are really stuck, and can not find the answer to your question
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The Red Sox do have an official Web Page:
There is an unofficial Internet Boston Red Sox Frequently Asked
Question document (FAQ), and is currently maintained by me, Keith
Woolner, your friendly neighborhood list owner.  :-)
The FAQ can be found at
* Discussion of any topic related to the Red Sox is permitted and the scope
  of what is considered "relevant" is pretty broad, and includes not only the
  current season and team, but also past seasons, prospects, former players,
  acquisitions & "hot stove" talk, salary/business/economic issues,
  Fenway Park & stadium issues, scouting reports on the competition,
  and general    discussion of baseball "theory", as long as they pertain to,
  or   originate from, a discussion thread about the Red Sox.  However,
  specific  details of other teams, non-Red Sox related trivia, box scores
  and descriptions from other games, non-baseball related matters (politics,
  news events etc.), solicitations, advertisements, spam, and the like are
  not topics that should be posted to the list.
* Please do NOT post in-game updates to the list -- a majority of people
  on the list do not read messages as they come in, and thus the game will
  probably be finished before they see a message like "Sox are up 3-0 in
  the fifth inning..."  There are a variety of online sources where you
  can get up-to-the-minute game info.  There used to be a "ticker" list
  for in-game updates, but that list no longer exists.
* This is primarily a discussion list, not a news list.  The majority
  of content on the list should arise from the thoughts of the
  readership. Facts & data, including box scores, should be included
  when they are relevant to a topic being discussed, or to introduce
  a new topic.  If you want to complain about a pitcher's performance,
  posting his pitching line (but not the entire box score) is
  appropriate.  If you aren't directly commenting on a portion of
  the article, it should probably not be included.  
* The wholesale or substantial reproduction of articles, box scores,
  and the like is not OK.  Chances are that this info is protected
  by copyright.  Post the URL for the article instead.  Articles that
  come from a premium or fee-based web site are definitely not intended
  for broad circulation.  I would prefer not to put myself nor anyone
  else on the list at risk of litigation by seeming to endorse or
  condone copyright infringement.
* Nothing in the copyright laws (to the best of my understanding)
  prevents you from restating the facts in your own words -- the
  facts aren't copyrightable, only the author's expression of them.
  That, combined with "fair use" usage (quoting a short section or passage
  of text in order to comment on it, or include it in an otherwise
  original document), should be more than sufficient for use on the list.
* Note that adding a single line of original commentary to a otherwise
  copied article does not fulfill the spirit of the rules -- e.g.
  reproducing the full text of a Globe article on Mo Vaughn's arrest
  and adding "This doesn't look good for Mo." isn't appropriate.
  It should never be necessary to quote more than a few sentences
  or a paragraph from a column or commentary.  I do not wish to put
  a rigid formula on anything, but the general rule of thumb that
  you should add at least as much new material to what you're
  quoting is a good one.  
* Profanity -- This is a family list, and there are younger members of
  Red Sox fandom participating in the discussion.  Please keep this in
  mind when composing your comments.
* Spam -- like many Internet resources, the list may occasionally hit by
  unsolicited commercial email, commonly known as "spam".  The list is
  a closed list, meaning that only subscribers should be able to send mail
  to the list.  In the rare event that we get actual spam, please do
  *not* respond to the spam on the list -- even to complain.  I make it a
  point to respond on behalf of the list to all relevant parties for
  each spam attack.  If you must respond, send an email directly to 
  the spammer's ISP (if you can read mail headers), or to myself, via
  the address ""
* Roger Clemens -- the departure of Roger Clemens from the Sox to the
  Toronto Blue Jays has left a bitter taste in the mouth of many fans,
  and many do not care to read about his exploits with another team on
  the Sox list.   Still, as a former Sox player, he is a legitimate topic
  of discussion on the list, even if some want to avoid it.  To be fair
  to all parties involved, please include the name "Clemens" in the
  Subject: line of any list message that discusses his post-Red Sox
Thank you, and enjoy the list!